Collection: KARDO

Kardo is a menswear brand that challenges fast fashion by focusing on details and supporting traditional manufacturing methods. Their inspiration comes from traditional workwear and sewing, with a reinterpretation of classic silhouettes for the modern man. Kardo’s collections use traditional Indian weaving, dyeing and printing techniques, such as Handloom, Block Printing, IKAT, Natural Indigo Denim, Shibori and Chikankari embroidery. They work closely with weavers in India to preserve these techniques and minimize their impact on the environment. They adopt an "ONExONE" approach, where each garment is handmade by a unique tailor and carefully finished by hand. Each piece is made in their New Delhi workshop, offering fair wages and a healthy environment for workers. Each garment is labeled, highlighting the artisans who participated in its creation.